LOVE COLORS is a paint by numbers pixel art game. It’s super relaxing and easy to start! Choose from a variety of themes and complexity and start to color!

Pixel color by number mechanics is easy! You don’t need to learn some advanced mechanics to have fun and put a smile on your face. That is a casual game for everyone. It can be played by adults and kids as well!

There are constantly new pixel arts here with impressive handcrafted collections and unique coloring methods.

  • Over a hundred lovely pictures to color
  • Find your favorite theme: fruits, animals, people, cities and many more!
  • Discover a great variety, full of colors pictures, choose yourself.
  • Stress-free pixel art



If you're in the mood for Halloween or Xmas, enjoy sports, vehicles, gaming or like delicious food, this DLC is for you!

  • 18 themes from the favorite times of the year - Halloween and Christmas.
  • 13 pictures inspired by various sports.
  • 32 different vehicles.
  • 19 yummy cakes and other sweets.
  • 11 pictures from the farm and around.
  • 12 adorable insects.
  • 31 gaming and emotes themes.

Travel the whole world together with a Pixel Adventure DLC!

  • 10 themes from the United States - color the national flag, a sheriff’s star, an eagle, a yummy burger, and others.
  • 11 pictures from China - like a yin-yang, an oriental dragon known as Loong, a pagoda or a paper lantern.
  • 10 objects from India - spicy foods, a lotus flower or a majestic naja naja.
  • 12 Canadian themes - world’s most popular maple leaf, a friendly moose, a totem pole or hockey sticks.
  • a diamond, zebra or a tribal mask among 8 pictures from Africa.
  • 10 drawings from Brazil - eg. tropical birds, the view of Rio or palm trees.
  • 8 sceneries from cities around the world - Sydney, London, Rome or Paris.
  • 42 animals and flowers.
  • 7 Masks - from Venice carnival to Mexican Catrin, the Day of the Dead.
  • 4 more complex pictures for long relaxing sessions, or to compete with friends with the highest number of colored pixels!

Love Colors

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Happy Pixels DLC

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Pixel Adventure DLC

$2.49 $0.99